How to… Complete a basic post-ride bike clean

  • 01/11/2016

Completing a full clean, degrease and re lubrication of the bike every time the bike is ridden in the salt or rain is the best way to keep things running well. However we understand this is not always realistic, especially after a long day at work and commute home!


We recommend at least a basic 5 minute clean after a wet/salty ride. Here is our guide how!


 If you’ve got more time to spare we recommend completing a full clean using a brush kit and some bicycle specific cleaning detergent such as Muc-Off. 
To learn more about how to look after your bike why not sign up to one of our maintenance classes? The essentials workshop class covers how to complete a roadside puncture repair, full clean of your bike and full safety checkover checklist.
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Happy Cycling!

The Bike Rehab Team