Get your bike ready for winter

  • 27/10/2016

The temperature is starting to drop and the nights are drawing in but winter can still be a great season for cycling. We love getting out on our bikes in all conditions but also understand the pounding your bike can take during the long British winter.

Service your bike ready for winter

Although you don’t want your bike breaking down the best of times, it’s even more important that your bike is reliable in winter as getting stranded in the cold is no fun!
A pre winter service will check and make sure your bike is ready to serve you well through the wet and cold months without worry.

Some specific jobs we recommend before winter:

  • Servicing the hubs and bottom bracket to add a fresh layer of grease to the bearings. This will help keep out the water and create a barrier to avoid wear to the bearing surfaces.
  • Greasing the bottom bracket, seat post and pedal threads will help avoid them seizing into place. Removal of seized components can be a tricky and expensive job, and sometimes parts can be irreversibly damaged. 
  • Lubrication or replacement of worn or corroded cables. Corrosion in cables will accelerate during the wet months, so lubrication or replacement with sealed high quality cables will ensure your brakes and gears work smoothly all winter long.
Our ‘Overhaul Service’ is the perfect pre-winter service and includes all of the recommended items above, along with full clean, gear and brake set up, safety check and test ride.

Click here to book your service online today:

Alternatively, pop into the workshop and one of our friendly Cytech trained mechanics can complete an assessment and checkover of your bike for free. We can have a chat through any problems you’re having with your bike and help get it ready for winter.

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Coming soon: Check out our winter product guide series – which includes our pick of the best mudguards, tyres and lights.

Happy cycling!


The Bike Rehab Team.