Weekly Maintenance Checklist

  • 14/03/2017

We are asked quite regularly whats the best way to keep your bike running smoothly and prevent premature wear.

So we’ve put together a simple checklist to help you keep on top of regular maintenance.


The best time to check your bike is when its clean so our checklist is based around giving your bike a wash and checking it as you go along. You get up close and personal with your bike when you clean it so its the perfect time to check for any damage or wear. Once you’ve done it a few times it’ll only take a few minutes to do a full wash and checkover.

(If you don’t want to get your hands dirty we can wash your bike for you for £10 and can complete a free assessment of your bike at our workshop).




If your keen to get started a few key sayings will make your life easy:

‘Little and often’ – If you use your bike on a daily basis to ride to work we’d suggest completing this checklist once a week when its dry weather, more often when its wet an miserable outside. If the dirt and grime builds up over the course of a few months its going to be a big job to get it clean.

‘Preparation is key to success’ – Get your work area set up before you start. A workstand to support your bike is a must, you don’t want your pride an joy scratched because it it fell over.

‘Right tool for the right job’ –  Having the right cleaning products and tools will make the job a breeze. Washing up liquid isn’t a substitute for bike wash or degreaser, it can damage the rubber and plastic seals around your bearings and you’ll have to scrub a lot harder.


So once your all set heres the checklist to follow: Or a PDF version is available here: Weekly maintenance checklist 2



  •  Hose / rinse down – Avoid high pressure
  • Degrease drivetrain – Muc-Off Chain cleaner and thick brush
  • Clean frame, wheels & components – Warm water, soft brush & Muc-Off
  • Drip Dry, apply GT85 water displacer to stop corrosion
  • When dry, lubricate chain – Dry lube (summer) Wet Lube (Winter)
  • Lube – Chain, Mech pivots, Calliper pivots


  • Frame & Fork – Inspect for cracks, stress lines, corrosion & wear
  • Bearings – BB, Headset, Hubs – Check for side to side play & roughness
  • Wheels – Check for true, check rim wear
  • Tyres – Check for cuts, bulges, perishing, tread depth, pressure.
  • Brakes – Brake pad wear, alignment (meeting rim ok?), cable condition
  • Gears – Mech hanger alignment, limits, cable condition, chain wear
  • Components – Torque check all fastenings, check for cracks


Now your bikes all clean and you’ve checked all the components hopefully you’re ready to carry on riding but you may have found some issues or would like to get a second opinion. Pop into our Sheffield city centre workshop where we can complete a free assessment to confirm or dispel your findings.

We also stock a range of cleaning products, tools and spares that we really rate, so if your in need of any bits just drop in.


Happy riding,

The Bike Rehab Team


Disclaimer: The information provided in the above checklist is provided for general information purposes only. Your use of any of this information is at your own risk, and you should not use the information provided without first seeking professional advice. Bike Rehab Ltd accepts no responsibility for the use/misuse of any information provided. Bike Rehab Ltd accepts no responsibility of the condition of any bike assessed using the information provided.