Winter Product Guide: Lights

  • 07/11/2016
Now that the clocks have changed it’s important that you’re prepared for riding in the dark. Here’s our guide to help you choose the right set of lights and a list of some of our favourites. 

There are four key questions you need to to ask yourself when selecting lights:

  1. Where will I be riding?

  • If you’re riding on well lit urban streets you will generally want to be seen by other road users rather than need the light to illuminate your way. Commuter lights are designed with this in mind, generally giving out 50-150 lumens with good visibility from most angles. Often this type of light emits a wide flood of light rather than a focused spot, and many are now USB rechargeable to save money and the planet.
  • If you’re heading out into the pitch black countryside then as well as being seen by other road users you will also need to see where you’re going. The best type of light for this environment will have a high output, often 200 lumens or more emitted in a focussed beam. Again they’re often rechargeable to give the battery power required to put out so many lumens.


  1. What type of riding will I be doing?  
  • If you’re riding at a steady pace on well known roads the need to see a long way ahead is reduced, so your light output can be lower.
  • If you’re riding at high speed on the road or venturing off road you’ll need the light to illuminate a long way ahead of you so you can ride safely at speed as well as be seen clearly.


  1. How long will I be out for?
  • Your light will need to last at least as long a your ride, so if you’re out for a few hours or an all nighter your lights will need to have a longer battery life than for a short commute.We would, however, always recommend carrying a set of small backup lights.
  1. How and where can I fit my lights?
  • Traditionally, lights are fitted to your handlebars and seatpost but it’s always worth checking if there’s space or any obstructions like a pannier rack or mudguards.
  • With lights becoming lighter due to rechargeable batteries, many now come with mounts to attach to your helmet or jacket/bag which can be handy for added visibility.
  • It’s always worth removing your lights when parking your bike as they’re easy for ‘tea-leaves’ to walk off with.

Our Staff Picks

These are a few of our favourites, pop by the workshop to see them for real.


Commuter lights

 Moon Comet X Pro

Rear Comet Light
The latest incarnation of the fabulous Moon Comet series. We have been fans of these lights for years and are constantly impressed with their design, ease of use, output and reliability. These spread their beam of light far and wide helping you to be seen from most angles.

Spec: 120 lumens (front), water resistant, USB rechargeable, 7modes, quick release mount system, 1.5 hour – 5.30 hour battery life (depending on setting).

Price: Front £30.99, Rear £29.99 or a Pair £54.88 (saving 10%)

Or if you’re on a budget:

Moon Gemini


 A basic but still brilliant commuter diffuser light, they’re compact and easy to remove when parking your bike. They have enough output to be used as a main light in well lit areas, or a perfect backup or companion light set.

Spec: 60 lumens (front), water resistant, 7 modes, quick release mount system, 1.4 hour – 7 hour battery life (depending on setting), USB rechargeable.

Price: £18.99 Each or £34.18 Pair (saving 10%)

Road Ride or Long Commute

Moon Meteor X Pro


A versatile, small and lightweight choice. Enough power to use out in the pitch black hills on the road bike, or perfect as a high output, all condition front commuter light. Pair this with the Moon Comet rear for a great combo in any conditions.

Spec: 450 lumens, water resistant, USB rechargable, 7 modes, quick release mount system, 1.5 hour – 5 hour battery life (depending on setting).

Price: £43.99

Note: A 320 lumen version is also available for £32.99.


Off Road or Fast Road

Moon Meteor Storm Pro


This light allows you to ride at fast pace on dark, winding roads or off road with fantastic clarity and beam spread. We use this on our night mountain bike rides and it feels like riding in the day.

Spec: 1700 lumens of power, water resistant, USB rechargeable, 10 different modes, helmet and bar mounts included, battery life of between 2 and 25 hours depending on setting, battery life indicator, all in one unit, USB rechargeable.


Price: £137.99
Note: A 1300 lumen version also available for £109.99.

Safety / Backup Lights




Minimalist design (winning a GQ award don’t you know), small size and powerful output from a single LED make the Bookman lights the perfect backup light to keep in your bag or on your bike in case your main lights fail or batteries run out.

Price: – Battery powered £9.99 (RRP £19.99) / USB £19.99 (RRP £29.99).


Come in store to try out the range and have a chat about your lighting needs.

Happy Cycling!

The Bike Rehab Team